Given the political imperatives and speed with which counter-terrorism policies and strategies are implemented, often in response to terrorist attacks, counter-terrorism instruments are rarely evaluated and are often based on untested assumptions. To address the lack of systematic analyses of past and current counter-terrorism policies, ICCT is, jointly with partners, creating an evaluation capacity to assess the effectiveness of various strategies. This Joint Evaluation Capacity will be gradually set up over the course of the coming year.

Furthermore, ICCT is involved in the European Commission-funded project on counter-terrorism Monitoring, Reporting and Support Mechanism (CT MORSE – more information to follow shortly), and has published several research papers on the topic.

Please contact ICCT Director Mr. Mark Singleton for more information.


Perspective | 18 Apr 2014
Terrorism Research and Government

In this Commentary, Research Fellow Dr. Alex P. Schmid explores the relationship between counter-terrorism research and government. He argues that governments should trust non-governmental actors to a greater extent with sensitive information to ensure the most informed responses to terrorism.

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