The Counter-Terrorism Strategic Communications (CTSC) Project, led by the International Centre for Counter Terrorism – The Hague, is a collaborative project bringing together experts from Europe, USA and Australia as well as researchers from the Middle East and South Asia. It was set up to tackle one of the most significant national and global security challenges facing the world today: how to understand and confront the propaganda messaging of violent extremists like al-Qaeda and the so-called Islamic State. Through empirical research, based largely on primary source materials and in-country fieldwork, the project aims to test assumptions and evaluate past campaigns in order to develop key principles and guidelines for counter-terrorism strategic communications efforts.


Research Paper | 24 Apr 2019
Branding a Caliphate in Decline: The Islamic State’s Video Output (2015-2018)

In this Research Paper, Pieter Nanninga argues that the Islamic State’s multi-faceted response to its setbacks as reflected in the decline of their video production might ensure the groups’ appeal to its target audience in the years to come.

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