Ongoing projects

Victims’ Voices

Victims’ Voices pioneers a victim-centric approach to P/CVE by empowering victims of terrorism to become effective messengers for peace

Mali (Dis-) Engagement and Re- (Integration) related to Terrorism

MERIT is a P/CVE project in Mali aimed to facilitate R&R of released VEOs and reduce the risk of radicalisation among Malian youth. 

Summer Programmes

ICCT can plan and deliver tailor-made programmes on a range of counter-terrorism related topics. Get in touch with our Office Manager to receive more information on how ICCT can organise and deliver different (training) programmes to your organisation. Online Summer Programmes ICCT along with the T.M.C. Asser Instituut and Leiden University Centre for Professional Learning have been organising advanced […]

Counter-Terrorism Strategic Communications (CTSC)

The project aims to test assumptions and evaluate past campaigns in order to develop key principles and guidelines for counter-terrorism strategic communications efforts.

Engaging Civil Society in Rehabilitation

Engaging Civil Society Actors in the Rehabilitation & Reintegration of Violent Extremist Offenders and Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters   (Pour le synopsis en français cliquez ici) Background Promoting the rehabilitation and reintegration of violent extremist offenders (VEOs) is a critical component of addressing the full lifecycle of violent extremist radicalisation and recruitment. Amid growing numbers […]

Countering Incitement and Violent Extremism

Since 2011, ICCT has been working together with UN CTED to organise workshops on the Effective Implementation of UN SEC RES 1624 (2005).

Boundaries of the Battlefield

How does the interplay between international humanitarian law and international human rights law work? And what are the rules relating to use of drones? This project takes a closer look at these issues and more.

Rehabilitation & Reintegration

This initiative focusses primarily on convicted (terrorist) offenders in prison. As part of this project, the Centre conducts research, organises expert meetings and develops a trainingc course.

Military Transition Strategies

The project aims to identify key successes and best practices to be able to transform a broad military intervention into a more limited, both in size and scope, counter-terrorism policy.

Terrorists on Trial

The seminars organised as part of this project aim to analyse terrorism trials by applying a performative perspective to them, hence not solely concentrating on the immediate judicial performance of the magistrates and/or the defence.

Radicalisation Awareness Network

Since June 2012, ICCT has participated in the EU Commission’s Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN). RAN provides a platform for practitioners to gather and share best practices in countering radicalisation leading to violent extremism.

Victims’ Voices

This project actively and structurally involves victims in efforts to prevent and counter violent extremism in Indonesia.

Foreign Fighters Workshops

This project aims to address the challenges posed by the growing number of foreign fighters that travel abroad, in particular to Syria and Iraq, to engage in or otherwise support terrorist activity.

Completed projects

Civil Society Engagement: Nigeria

In 2014, ICCT commenced a project on countering the appeal of terrorism & building community resilience in Nigeria. As a result, the Partnership Against Violent Extremism Network (PAVE) was launched.

Criminal Justice Sector Responses: Morocco

For this (completed) project, ICCT and Asser organised a training for 20 participants from the criminal justice sector on the subject of counter-terrorism and different approaches and responses.

Protecting Intelligence Sources & Witnesses

This capacity building project aims at developing or improving good practices in an effective and rule of law-based criminal justice sector response to terrorism.

Curriculum Development for the Rule of Law

Curriculum Development for the “International Institute of Justice and the Rule of Law” (IIJ) Together with the Center on Global Counterterrorism Cooperation (CGCC) and the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), ICCT has been supporting the development of an International Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law, which related to the work by the Global Counterterrorism […]

Evidence Collected by the Military

The past years have shown a clear shift in counter-terrorism operations: rather than a “capture or kill” attitude, counter-terrorism activities are increasingly moving towards law enforcement operations with a focus on criminal prosecutions. Nevertheless, the military remains an important actor in such operations and has become crucial in securing and gathering evidence either in or […]

Lone Actor Terrorism: Database

Is the process of radicalisation towards violent extremism and terrorism for a lone actor different from group-based radicalisation or active recruitment? How can we subsequently prevent and counter lone actor terrorism?

Future Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Trends

At the beginning of March 2012, ICCT began a project to look into future trends and scenario-development relating to terrorism and counter-terrorism, featuring innovative thinkers and future analysts. By utilising a knowledge pool outside of the established counter-terrorism community and security experts, the aim and hope of this project is to provide fresh perspectives on the […]