Summer Programme Update: Mr. Faisal Wando Shares His Experiences

Mr. Faisal Wando, Programme Officer – SAVE Project (Nigeria), on his experiences with the Summer Programme on Countering Terrorism:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my brief time at the Asser Institute. It was fantastic to learn from experts in the fields of law and counter-terrorism and I feel I learned as much from the wealth of experience in the room as I did from the lectures. The Summer Programme deepened my understanding of the international legal foundations of counter-terrorism and it was brilliant that we were shown how counter-terrorism law was applied in practice.Perhaps most interesting for me were the discussions of multi-faceted approaches to counter-terrorism. As a CVE practitioner in Nigeria this has helped to inform the design of some of our projects, which we believe will make them more effective in checking the spread of violent extremism”.

From 24 – 28 August 2015, ICCT and the T.M.C. Asser Instituut are organising the Fifth Advanced Summer Programme on Countering Terrorrism: Legal Challenges and Dilemmas.

During this Summer Programme, participants and lecturers will search together for and discuss long-term, effective, international rule of law based strategies and measures in countering today’s terrorism. Topics that will be discussed include among others the scope and limitations of armed conflict while countering terrorism, the interplay between international humanitarian law and international human rights law, as well as the use of drones and targeted killings more generally.

Read the full update about Mr. Faisal Wando’s experience here.

The first update, announcing Prof. Richard English as a confirmed speaker on Essential Counter-Terrorism Paradigms: The War Paradigm vs the Law Enforcement Paradigm during the 2015 Summer Programme is available here.

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