Research Fellow Alex P. Schmid on the Way Forward in Counter-terrorism

21.09.2016. A new research paper by ICCT Research Fellow Professor Alex P. Schmid has been published in the Strathmore Law Journal.

In “The way forward on counter terrorism: Global perspectives”, Professor Schmid identifies critical issues that challenge the prevention and combating of terrorism. From a global perspective, counter-terrorism is confronted by the lack of a unified definition of terrorism, the strategic relation between media, politics and terrorism, and the taboo of the role of religion. Further examined is the process of radicalisation and de-radicalisation on the individual level. His paper concludes with recommendations for counter-terrorism actors.

The paper has been presented in the keynote speech by Professor Schmid at the Second Annual Law Conference: Terrorism and challenges to emerging democracies in Africa. The conference was hosted by Strathmore University Law School in Nairobi.

Read the Paper.