Prisoner Radicalization and Terrorism Detention

Institutionalized Fear or Evidence-Based Policy Making?


Tinka Veldhuis's Book

This week, Routledge “Frontiers of Criminal Justice” series published the new book authored by ICCT’s Research Fellow Dr. Tinka Veldhuis.

A key question which the book deals with is whether violent extremist offenders should be concentrated in separate high-security prisons, or whether they should be integrated into the mainstream inmate population. Prisoner Radicalization and Terrorism Detention Policy argues that concentration strategies to manage violent extremist offenders are often flawed – based on untested, potentially false assumptions that are rooted in fear rather than in facts.

Little academic evidence has been produced that can valuably inform policy making in this area. As a result, policies to detain violent extremist offenders may be inadequately tailored to achieve their objectives, and could even lead to an intensification of the violent extremist threat.

The book is the first to present a detailed and systematic case study of the decision-making and implementation process behind terrorism detention policy.

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Please find the frontmatter including the table of contents here.