New Foreign Fighters Tab Launched on the International Crimes Database

The Asser Institute’s International Crimes Database (ICD) has launched a new tab dedicated to the topic of foreign fighters. This tab contains a collection of cases of (individuals related to) (potential) foreign fighters, whether the suspects are charged with terrorist crimes, war crimes or other crimes. The (analysis of) cases will allow policy makers, practitioners and scholars to get a better insight and understanding into how (individuals related to) (potential) foreign fighters are prosecuted and which lessons learned can be distilled from these prosecutions.

Research Fellow Dr. Christophe Paulussen‘s research paper is the very first publication based in part on ICD’s foreign fighter case summaries. As such, it is an important contribution to the topics of foreign fighters and criminal justice response. In the paper entitled “Prosecuting (Potential) Foreign Fighters : Legislative and Practical Challenges”, Paulussen provides a critical assessment of the legal frameworks and concrete prosecutions of (potential) foreign fighters at the national level. Read the full paper here