Mark Singleton on Joint Meeting GCTF & Anti-IS Coalition


On Monday 11 January 2016, ICCT Director Mark Singleton was interviewed by Roelof Hemmen of the Dutch news radio station BNR on account of the joint meeting of the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) and the Global Coalition Against ISIL/Da’esh taking place at Europol in The Hague the same day.

Mark Singleton explained the work of GCTF as well as the purpose and set-up of this joint meeting. In addition, he discussed which action plan should ideally be formulated at this conference to counter the “virus of terrorism” at an international level and also addressed the foreign (terrorist) fighter phenomenon, including possible measures of prevention and rehabilitation. Moreover, he underlined the importance of information sharing in countering this phenomenon.

Listen to the radio broadcast (Dutch).