ICCT’s Key Publications on Foreign Fighters

The issue of Foreign Fighters has received widespread media attention. But what are the key dilemmas behind repatriation and prosecution — and how can we solve them? Have a look at some of our key research on this important issue:

1️⃣  Who are the people who left for Syria and Iraq as Foreign Fighters — and why? Read this comparative analysis by Lorne Dawson for an analysis of key explanations proposed in prior research and their limitations.

2️⃣ The UK Supreme Court has ruled that Shamima Begum is not allowed to re-enter the UK for her trial. What preceded this decision? This perspective discusses the importance of her case regarding the national security and the rule of law dilemma. 

3️⃣ Is the revocation of nationalities a result of ‘legislation fever’? In this perspective, Christophe Paulussen argues the ineffectiveness and counterproductivity of the denaturalization measure

4️⃣ The current threat posed by Western Foreign Fighters is not the first in history. What happened with the Foreign Fighters who went to Afghanistan, Bosnia and Somalia and what can we learn from this? 

5️⃣ What policy options are there for dealing with Foreign Fighters in the EU? Our 2016 paper and executive summary analyses how the EU assesses the threat of Foreign Fighters, and crucial gaps which exist in policy.

6️⃣ Germany prohibits the stripping of citizenship. Instead, it has introduced the possibility to forfeit the citizenship of Foreign Fighters. What are the risks of this forfeiture? 

7️⃣ In the past, Trump has called on Europe to repatriate over eight hundred imprisoned IS fighters from Syria and Iraq. Was he right? And how do we maintain control over militant Jihadists?

8️⃣ What is the importance of age and attitude in the reintegration and rehabilitation of returning young ISIS members? Read our research paper, which outlines key factors and considerations.