ICCT’s Key Publications: Right-Wing Extremism and its Implications

News has come out of Germany today on the arrest of 25 individuals arrested for an attempted plot to overthrow the German government. Right-wing extremism (RWE) has been an ICCT research priority for a while already, with several key publications discussing the implications in Germany and beyond. To get a better understanding of what is happening today and the topic more broadly, have a look at these key ICCT publications:

1️⃣ A Threat from Within? Exploring the Link Between the Extreme Right and the Military – ICCT

With a large group of individuals from today’s arrest identified as former military members, read Daniel Koehler’s piece on the link between the extreme right and the military in this piece.

2️⃣ Right-Wing Extremism in the Military – ICCT

The presence of RWE ideology amongst miliary personnel is more and more proliferent. Teun van Dongen, Yannick Veilleux-Lepage, Eviane Leidig, and Hanna Rigault Arkhis discuss in implications of this growing ideology the military environments through categorisations of potential consequences.

3️⃣ Violence and Terrorism from the Far-Right: Policy Options to Counter an Elusive Threat – ICCT

Returning back to the German context, this piece takes on a policy-focused approach to highlighting the threats of RWE. Daniel Koehler looks at what are some of the key policies that governments should seek to prioritise when dealing with a rising threat from RWE.