ICCT’s Key Publications on Deradicalisation and Disengagement

How can deradicalisation and disengagement knowledge and practices help to counter the threat of violent extremism? And what are the pitfalls in existing and emerging policies? Read ICCT’s Key publications on this topic and sign up for our upcoming live briefing.

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1️⃣ What sociological issues underpin far-right and Islamist extremism? And how can the mutually reinforcing hatred of these groups be countered? This policy brief by Tahir Abbas explores the issue.

2️⃣ What are the challenges and limitations for reintegrating and rehabilitating juvenile IS returnees in Western societies? To what extent do age and attitude currently play important roles in their programmes? Van der Heide and Geenen present their findings in this report.

3️⃣ Violent extremist groups have been successful at reaching potential recruits by addressing their grievances and aspirations. How can counter-messaging and counter-engagement address this problem? Nafees Hamid argues for a more holistic P/CVE strategy in this perspective.

4️⃣ Victims of far-right terrorism argue that Western democracies are “blind on the right side”. Is there an imbalance in how countries counter different forms of extremism? If so, how can this imbalance be dealt with? Read more in this policy brief by Daniel Koehler.

5️⃣ Can civil society help to reintegrate those affected by violent extremism? This report by ICCT and the Global Center on Cooperative Security is part of a larger project that researched the impact of civil society organisations (CSOs) on those associated with violent extremism.

6️⃣ How far can counter-radicalisation processes go? What limits do early-detection policies and preventive measures have? This perspective by Stef Wittendorp gives an insight.

7️⃣ Germany has extensive experience with preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE). What sets the German policy apart from the other European policies? And does the federal structure influence the implementation of P/CVE policies? Read this research by Behnam Said and Hazim Fouad.

8️⃣ Over 650 people have been released after serving sentences for terrorism offences in Indonesia since the first Bali bombing. What were the challenges in their reintegration? What stakeholders could help to improve the process? The perspective by Cameron Sumpter gives an insight.