ICCT’s Key Publications on Afghanistan and the Resurgence of the Taliban

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan has left multiple unanswered questions. What factors led to their resurgence? How will they engage with the international community moving forwards? Which direction will future CT policy take? Check out our key publications on these topics and more:

1️⃣ Will Afghanistan become a hotbed for foreign terrorist fighters? Dive into what the future may hold for Afghanistan in this Perspective by Tanya Mehra and Matthew Wentworth as they examine a range of potential implications as a result of the Taliban’s resurgence, including geopolitical dynamics and neighbouring countries’ engagement with them.

2️⃣ No country has “recognised” the Taliban as Afghanistan’s new government since it seized power in August 2021. But how can recognition or non-recognition affect counter-terrorism efforts? In this Perspective, Ben Saul explores the Taliban’s international legal status and the preconditions and consequences of recognition.

3️⃣ What are the potential consequences of the Taliban seizing power in Afghanistan? In this Perspective, Tanya Mehra and Julie Coleman shed some light on the Taliban’s aspirations to gain recognition, its legal obligations to prevent and suppress terrorism, and what threats the group could pose to international and national security moving forwards.

4️⃣ With the Taliban government still being unrecognised by the international community, what does this mean for the future of counter-terrorism cooperation with Afghanistan? Check out this Policy Brief by Ben Saul, who has sketched the levers for influencing the Taliban to suppress terrorism, before considering the possibilities for lawful foreign law enforcement and military cooperation. 

5️⃣ How can the Taliban exploit the large quantities of Small Arms and Light Weapons left behind after the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan? Explore this question and more with Tanya Mehra, Méryl Demuynck, and Matthew Wentworth as they discuss for what purposes these ‘spoils of war’ might be used, how to contain the flow of SALW,  and what lessons can be learned for future withdrawals of international troops. 

6️⃣ How did the Taliban succeed in placing a propaganda article in one of the most reputable news outlets in the US? Take a look at this Perspective by William Maley for a breakdown of the evolution of the Taliban’s new and more sophisticated approach to public relations.

7️⃣ What does the future hold for women’s rights in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover? Our seventh podcast episode features Amb. Roya Rahmani, Afghan diplomat, and the first woman to serve as the Afghan ambassador to the United States and Indonesia. The interview discusses Afghanistan, Amb. Rahmani’s experiences as a diplomat, and her critical work promoting women’s rights globally.