ICCT Research Fellow Edwin Bakker on Pauw

On 29 March 2017, ICCT Research Fellow Prof. Dr. Edwin Bakker joined the Dutch talk-show Pauw, discussing his and Mr. Peter Grol’s latest book publication –  Nederlandse jihadisten, van naïeve idealisten tot geharde terroristen (Translated: ‘Dutch Jihadists, from naive idealists to hardened terrorists’).

In the conversation, Prof. Bakker voices his concerns about how the “inability of finding a job” and “Islam” are major narratives in the Netherlands that dominate the public debate about why Dutch youth radicalise. Bakker discusses such myths, and argues that the way in which we talk about radicalisation in the country has to change. He moreover urges that people intending to travel abroad to join groups like Islamic State (IS) must be stopped, because there have been cases where Dutch-nationals have carried out terrorist acts on behalf of IS.

Watch the talkshow (Dutch).