ICCT Research Fellow Bibi van Ginkel & Editorial Board Member Daniel Koehler featured in the new book ‘Resilient Cities: Countering Violent Extremism at Local Level’ (2017)

In September 2017, Diego Muro (ed.) published the edited volume, Resilient Cities: Violent Extremism at Local Level. It highlights the importance of building resilience to violent extremism in European cities that are facing an accelerating threat with past terrorist attacks that have taken place in the last few years. It features one chapter by ICCT Research Fellow, Bibi van Ginkel, ‘Countering and preventing the threat of terrorism and violent extremism: From the international and European to the national and local levels‘; and another chapter by ICCT Editorial Board Member, Daniel Koehler, ‘Preventing violent radicalisation: Programme design and evaluation‘. The volume overall indicates how cities are obvious settings in which to implement the motto “think globally and act locally” in reference to tackling terrorism.

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