ICCT in De Volkskrant about leaked identities of IS recruits

On 10 March 2016, ICCT Director Mark Singleton and Research Fellow Bibi van Ginkel commented on the leaked identities of recruits of the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) in an article by the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant.

Mark Singleton stressed the importance of these records for governments and security services, which will be able to track foreign fighters more closely and understand who they are, how they got to the theatres of conflict, and by whom they were recruited. This information, according to Singleton, is also paramount in judging the risk that emanates from these individuals: As not everyone who went to the conflict area is actually a fighter, these documents may make it easier to fine-tune a response to the phenomenon.

Bibi van Ginkel argued that the leaked documents are not only interesting to researchers and journalists, but that they can play a pivotal role as evidence in the prosecution of foreign fighters.

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