ICCT on the Dutch Efforts to Fight Terrorism

Last week, ICCT Director Mark Singleton and Research Fellow Dr. Christophe Paulussen commented on the efforts of the Netherlands to prevent radicalisation and counter-terrorism in an article published in several Dutch newspapers, including Algemeen Dagblad and De Limburger.

According to Dr. Christophe Paulussen, the Netherlands is making an effort to also prosecute people prior to committing a terrorist attack, for instance those who are suspected of plotting to commit an attack or planning to travel to Syria to join terrorist organisations, such as the so-called ‘Islamic State’.

Besides criminal prosecution, there are other areas in which the Dutch Government could still invest more in order to effectively prevent and counter radicalisation and terrorism. Mark Singleton noted that although the more affected municipalities are actively working towards tackling the issue of radicalisation, other municipalities that are currently encountering less problems should also aim to set up projects that prevent and signal radicalisation.

Read the article (Dutch).