ICCT in the Media: Thomas Renard on the Aftermath of Attack on Police Officers

ICCT Director Dr. Thomas Renard was interviewed by three Belgian news outlets following the knife attack on a Belgiam police officer on 11th November.  Renard reflected on far-right threats, violent extremism, and institutional preparation in response to it.

We are witnessing a shift across Europe, he commented. The greatest threat still comes from jihadism, but that trend is declining. But the extreme right-wing threat is on the rise, although we are not yet at that stage in which a major attack is expected. According to Renard, the threat is certainly more diffuse and diverse than years ago. People are increasingly associating themselves with different groups, such as anti-vaxers and anti-government groups. This makes it more difficult for security services to specifically monitor or infiltrate an organisation.

You can read the three articles here:

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Le Soir, Policier tué à Bruxelles: «Comme il y a une baisse de la tension, il y a une baisse de l’attention», 14th November 2022