ICCT in the Media | Research Fellow Bibi van Ginkel

Both last week and this week, ICCT Research Fellow Bibi van Ginkel was interviewed by two Dutch newspapers as well as by Radio 1 to share her expertise:

In an interview with NRC and Radio 1, she spoke on new legislation being discussed by the Dutch Parliament concerning the introduction of administrative measures against terrorists. These measures, argued Van Ginkel, should not be used to circumvent already existing provisions of criminal law, and need to be balanced with more preventative approaches. Not everyone coming back from Syria and Iraq is dangerous according to Van Ginkel. Many are merely traumatised and disillusioned and should not be the target of more repressive measures.

Read the interview or listen to the radio broadcast.

In an article in De Volkskrant, Bibi van Ginkel elaborated on some of the findings of the ICCT Report on European Foreign Fighters with particular reference to the demographics and role played by women in the so-called ‘Islamic State’.

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