ICCT Director at Xiangshan Forum

6th Xiangshan Forum, Beijing, October 2015 (Photo/Xinhua)
(© Photo/Xinhua)

ICCT Director Mark Singleton presented at the 6th Xiangshan Forum on regional security and defence, which took place from 16-18 October 2015 in Beijing, China.

This high-level conference focused on “Security and Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific: Realities and Vision” and addressed, among other issues, Asia-Pacific security trends and regional terrorism. Approximately 500 participants, including ministers of defence from China, Russia, Pakistan, India and ASEAN countries and high-level political-military experts from the region attended.

In his presentation, Mark Singleton discussed the scale and scope of the threat of terrorism, the absence of a strategic breakthrough in counter-terrorism and the need to agree on strategic objectives, taking into account the challenges, before designing new and better regional cooperation mechanisms. He concluded by noting that prevention of radicalisation and inclusive political dialogue should be our top priority.

Read Mark Singleton’s full presentation.