A central part of ICCT’s mission is connecting the expertise of our Fellows with relevant stakeholders, experts and practitioners in the field. To do this, the Centre analyses policies by national governments, supra-national and international organisations including United Nations Security Council Resolutions. Besides analysing the implications and implementation of these policies, ICCT publishes a range of publications and organises expert meetings as well as public evening seminars on a regular basis bringing together academics, policymakers and practitioners. By the same token, the Centre aims at reviewing and developing instruments, for example by looking at different counter-narrative measures or the development an Intake and Risk Assessment Tool for ICCT’s Rehabilitation project.


Perspective | 17 Oct 2018
Countering Terrorism Through the Stripping of Citizenship: Ineffective and Counterproductive

In this Commentary, Research Fellow Dr. Bibi van Ginkel discusses deterrence as an instrument against terrorism: does implementing new policies and laws deter potential terrorists or does this have little effect? Dr. van Ginkel stresses the need to take all potential effects of a policy into account, in order to draft a comprehensive counter-terrorism policy.

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