Lone actors, or “lone wolves”, are a phenomenon ICCT has been focusing on for years, by looking at their court trials, environments and possible ways of preventing the phenomenon. Currently, the Centre is involved in the Countering Lone Actor Terrorism (CLAT) project, which aims to collect and analyse data on lone actors and provide policy recommendations on how to respond to this issue.

On terrorist groups, the Centre has had a closer look at the workings, structures, regional impact and other factors, mainly by research on groups such as Al Qaeda and its various affiliates, Ansar al-Sharia Tunisia, the Hofstad group and Boko Haram. Additionally, ICCT focuses on different actors in terrorist groups, for example by examining the role women play in these organisations.


Research Paper | 17 May 2019
Caliphate Soldiers and Lone Actors: What to Make of IS Claims for Attacks in the West 2016-2018

This ICCT Research Paper tries to find the links between lone actors and the organisation's main leadership through examining the changes in the ways IS has claimed credit for violent incidents in Western countries.

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