ICCT has been conducting work pertaining to “Foreign Fighters” – or individuals that have for a variety of reasons and with different (ideological) backgrounds joined an armed conflict abroad – since mid-2012. In this regard, ICCT has co-chaired the Radicalisation Awareness Network’s Internal/External Working Group and organised both closed and public events on the topic. ICCT is also conducting capacity building projects in the MENA region and continues to brief a range of international, regional and national authorities as well as the media on the topic. Additionally, the Centre has been exploring a range of issues related to legal, preventative, motivational and rehabilitative aspects of the phenomenon in its publications.


Report | 19 Mar 2019
Destination Jihad: Italy's Foreign Fighters

Using exclusive and original information provided by the Italian Ministry of Interior, this report thoroughly analyses the profiles of individuals with ties to Italy who traveled to join the ranks of Islamic State and other armed groups from 2011 up to October 2017.

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