Siege: The Atomwaffen Division and Rising Far-Right Terrorism in the United States

Jacob Ware 9 Jul 2019

In the past several years, the United States has witnessed a concerning rise in far-right extremism and terrorist violence. Attackers in Oak Creek, Charleston, and Pittsburgh emerged from an increasingly emboldened radical right, which has grown in size and ambition in recent years. The Atomwaffen Division—a small, neo-Nazi terrorist organisation—is part of this movement. This Policy Brief tracks the reasons behind the American far-right’s rise and increasing turn to terrorism, and warns that the threat is likely to imminently worsen. To illustrate this trend, Atomwaffen’s story is applied as a case study. This Policy Brief will conclude with a series of recommendations for policymakers looking to understand and address the threat posed by rising violence from the far-right.


Keywords: Far-right, neo-Nazi, white supremacism, extremism, terrorism, Atomwaffen Division


Read the Policy Brief here.