Re-Calibrating Counter-Terrorism in Afghanistan to Preserve Long-Term Justice and Accountability

Megan L. Manion 21 Dec 2022

Keywords: Taliban, Afghanistan, Counter-terrorism, International Law, Rule of Law, Human Rights, Security, Accountability, Peacebuilding, Women Peace and Security

This policy brief focuses on the continued primacy of the counter-terrorism lens for state multilateral responses to the political situation in Afghanistan and the connected implications for long-term justice and accountability. Its analysis highlights the continuum of practices and agendas that offer solutions and processes that not only respond to and prevent the conditions conducive to violence (including terrorism) prevention, but also preserve long-term justice and accountability. The brief demonstrates how the legacy of and continued misalignment of counter-terrorism and international-centric security priorities, paired with lack of investment in long-term justice and accountability, human rights and inclusion, may threaten the effectiveness of policies that could otherwise contribute to improvements in Afghanistan. While this brief focuses on the role of counter-terrorism experts and practitioners in multi-lateral spaces, much of the analysis and recommendations are applicable to those bilateral and regional efforts in Afghanistan.

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