Empowering Victims’ Voices Project

In 2009, Associate Fellow Max Boon was a victim of the Marriott Jakarta terrorist bomb attack where he lost both his legs. Ever since, Max has been working with ICCT to counter violent extremism, focusing on the role victims could and should play in this area. The Victims’ Voices Project is the first big international effort that attempts to actively and structurally involve victims as well as former perpetrators in efforts to prevent and counter violent extremism (CVE).

During the 3rd Annual UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy Review that took place in New York in 2012, Max shared his story and the purpose of the project with the gathered Member States.

Project Goal & Activities

The Victims’ Voices project has been implemented in Indonesia since mid-2012. By creating mechanisms and tools for victims to engage in efforts against violent political action and embed victims’ voices in the counter-terrorism struggle overall, it is hoped that this initiative can contribute to preventing violent radicalisation leading to terrorism.

The initial phase of the project – including a pilot study – culminated in a tested methodology, programmatic toolkit and network of relevant actors to empower victims in the Indonesian context. A blueprint on how to set up structures to recruit, prepare and support victims who are willing and able to get involved in different levels and forms of outreach against violent extremism was also developed and could serve as a source of inspiration for other countries.

Read more about the progress of the project during its first phase (2012 – 2013).

Based on these findings and the setting up of initial structures to support and integrate victims in CVE activities in Indonesia, the project has now moved into a second phase: The institutionalisation of the Aliansi Indonesia Damai or Alliance for a Peaceful Indonesia (AIDA), and the expansion of its activities including outreach, support and empowerment for Indonesia’s victims community.


If you would like to contribute to Max’ work, you can make a donation to: Institute Clingendael IBAN NL77 RABO 0357 2179 50, BIC RABONL2U, mentioning “3163 Victims’ Voices” when making the transfer. Thank you in advance for your kind contribution.

Additional Information

On 2 December 2013, Max Boon appeared on the Dutch television programme “Een Vandaag”. The segment focuses on Max’ story, his project and particularly the impact his work has had in some communities in Indonesia.