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Radicalisation Awareness Network Policy Support

ICCT is a core partner in the European Commission’s Radicalisation Awareness Network Policy Support (RAN PS) project. Launched in January 2021 and running through December 2024, RAN PS aims to bridge the gap between policymaking and research. RAN PS supports EU Member States and priority third countries in the prevention and countering of radicalisation, strategic communications, and evidence-based policymaking, through knowledge-sharing and capacity-building.

ICCT’s contributions focus on providing policy support on issues related to the management of women and children returning from Iraq and Syria, prison-exit work and risk assessment in prison, strategic communications, as well as the threat posed by conspiracy theories, disinformation and the mainstreaming of radical discourses. Importantly, ICCT also has a leading role in monitoring and evaluation of RAN Policy Support activities, focused on assessing the impact on policy


In 2021, ICCT experts contributed the following to the RAN PS project:

  • Management of Child Returnees: Authored three papers mapping existing EU Member State policies, identifying lessons learned from adjacent fields such as child soldiers or gang activity, and supporting training for professionals and practitioners working with child returnees. Additionally, ICCT supported a Member State-led project-based collaboration on this topic, organised a multi-day conference, and hosted one workshop specifically focused on challenges related to trauma in child returnees.
  • Management of Female Returnees: Authored two papers on the return process specific to returning women and hosted one workshop on the topic. Additionally, ICCT authored a paper on strategic communications challenges in the return process and hosted a follow-on meeting and workshop.
  • Prison/Exit: Authored one paper and a research review on risk assessment and the prison-exit continuum, and also delivered a training dedicated to risk assessment of violent extremist offenders.
  • Strategic Communication: Authored two papers on post-attack crisis communications, drawing lessons learned from adjacent fields – specifically health crises and disaster management, and convened a workshop on the same topic. Additionally authored a paper identifying good practices on government strategic communications from outside the EU.

Additional Information

RAN Policy Support papers and working documents are available exclusively to EU policymakers. Please contact ICCT ( if you would like access to these materials.

More information on RAN Policy Support is also available on the project website:

The Experts

Meet the ICCT team members and our partners who contributed to this project.