Transitioning from Military Interventions to Long-Term Counter-Terrorism Policy

ICCT in collaboration with Leiden University’s Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) and the Australian National University’s Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy  carried out the ‘Transitioning from Military Interventions to Long-Term Counter- Terrorism Policy’ research projecy in the context of NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme. The project attempted to identify factors and best practices to transform a broad military intervention into a more limited counter terrorism policy.

The project focused on assessing how military interventions can best prepare the ground for an effective long term counter-terrorism policy, looking at three case studies: Libya, Afghanistan and Mali. Each case was analysed and discussed during three high level expert meetings, the findings of which were presented in research papers. The combined insights of these case-studies were distilled into a set of strategic policy recommendations which are organised around three key themes:

  • Pre – intervention phase
  • Entry – phase of the military intervention
  • Transition – phase towards local ownership


Outcome of the Project

The recommendations and findings of the case studies can be found and downloaded here.

Additional Information

For more information about the project, please contact Programme Manager Karlien Lismont.