Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN)

Since June 2012, ICCT has participated in the EU Commission’s Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN). RAN, which officially launched on 9 September 2011, is an “umbrella network”, or network of networks, which provides a platform for practitioners to gather and share best practices in countering radicalisation leading to violent extremism.

RAN Working Groups

RAN is organised into eight thematic working groups, driven by a Steering Committee:

  • RAN-POL: explores the possible role of local and community police in preventing radicalisation leading to terrorism or violent extremism
  • RAN-VVT: focusses on the use of Voices of Victims of Terrorism in fighting radicalisation
  • RAN@: Looks at the role of the internet and social media in relation to radicalisation and as a counter messaging vector
  • RAN-PREVENT: Examines early interventions with individuals and groups most vulnerable to radicalisation leading to violent extremism and/or terrorism
  • RAN-DERAD: Looks at exit mechanisms from radicalisation leading to terrorism and/or violent extremism
  • RAN-P&P: explores the possible role of prison administration and other actors working in prisons and during probation in the fight against radicalisation
  • RAN HEALTH: information sharing within the health sector
  • RAN INT/EXT: focusses on the internal and external dimensions of radicalisation facing the Union; this includes issues such as foreign fighters and the role of diasporas

Internal/External Working Group

Former ICCT Director Peter Knoope and later Mark Singleton co-chaired the INT/EXT Working Group together with Dr. Magnus Ranstorp, Research Director at the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish National Defence College. The purpose of this working group was to provide a cross-sector platform that brings government and non-government experts together to better understand and address the problem of “foreign fighters” in the context of preventing and countering violent extremism. The INT/EXT working group has held a number of meetings discussing the phenomenon of foreign fighters, including:

The INT/EXT working group also produced the RAN Declaration of Good Practices for Engagement with Foreign Fighters for Prevention, Outreach, Rehabilitation and Reintegration.

Additional Information

For more information on RAN, please visit the RAN website or contact info@icct.nl.