Rebecca Visser

Rebecca Visser joined the ICCT in July 2022 as the Radicalisation Awareness Network & Acquisition intern. She is currently finishing her MSc in Public Administration with a specialism in International and European Governance, having written her thesis on the transatlantic transmission of radical right logics on the family. She holds a First Class Bachelors in History and International Relations from King’s College London.

Prior to joining ICCT, Rebecca worked on the Research & Development team at Young Peacebuilders, which coordinates youth-led community building projects in conflict contexts. In 2022, she published an article on the relationship between the ethnocultural logic and critique of liberalism in the influential ‘New Right’ text ‘Le Camp des Saints’. Her research interests include the conceptual and communal mechanics of far-right extremism, as well as de-radicalisation processes such as the management of returnee foreign fighters.