Olivia Kearney

Olivia Kearney is an Intern at the ICCT, primarily assisting with research gathering for Mali (Dis-) Engagement and Re-Integration related to Terrorism (MERIT).

Olivia is completing an M.Sc. in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Leiden University and holds a B.A. in Economics from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee (USA). Her Master’s thesis works to critically assess the Travel Ban that was recently instituted in the United States, with the notion of latent dysfunction in mind. Through a comparison with various other policies, her intent is to create a framework in which the Travel Ban can be critically analyzed for both its unintended consequences as well as potential hidden agendas.

Prior to joining ICCT, Olivia interned with the Memphis Police Department in their Real Time Crime Center working to track criminal hotspots. Through recording and analyzing this data, officers could then be more efficiently deployed. Furthermore, she also spent two years developing her business skills as a Real Estate Investment Analyst at RTG Capital, LLC in Dallas, TX.

With a passion for human behavior and decision making, she then turned her focus to the pathways of radicalization and potential de-radicalisation and reintegration avenues.