Julian Hargreaves

Dr Julian Hargreaves is a Director of Research at the Woolf Institute and holds multiple positions at the University of Cambridge which include, Affiliated Lecturer at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Visiting Scholar at the Centre of Islamic Studies, Research Affiliate at the Department of Sociology and Research Associate at St. Edmund’s College. Dr Hargreaves holds an MRes (Distinction) in Criminology and a PhD in Applied Social Science, both from Lancaster University. His research interests include: ethnic and religious minority communities; Islamophobia and Antisemitism; counter-extremism and counter-terrorism; social research methods (including survey work, statistics and social media analysis); and policy-related research.


Key ICCT Publications:

Elahi, M., and Hargreaves, J. How to define and tackle Islamist Extremism in the UK. Research Paper, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, 27 December 2022