Jorin Dijkstra

Jorin joined ICCT in October 2021 as an research intern at the P/CVE programme. Jorin holds a bachelor from University College Utrecht, where she majored in Criminology and Social-Psychology. She recently graduated with a First Class Honours from King’s College London, obtaining her MA in Terrorism, Security and Society and writing her dissertation in which she comparatively analysed the radicalisation processes of western homegrown right-wing and jihadist violent extremists by focusing on the role of social identity mechanisms.

Prior to her master’s, Jorin worked as a project officer at TerInfo, an educational initiative of Utrecht University and Prof. Beatrice de Graaf which aims to discuss issues of terrorism and political violence with youth in an inclusive and multi-perspective manner. Next to this, she assisted Prof. Beatrice de Graaf in several research projects related to radicalisation, amongst which the ISIS files project. During her time in London she was also shortly involved with the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation as a research associate, in which she assisted in research focused on right-wing extremism.

Her research interests include intergroup conflict, (homegrown) radicalisation and counter-radicalisation, right-wing violent extremism and the way in which social psychological and social identity processes create, influence and sustain radicalisation and violent extremism. At ICCT she hopes to further contribute to research related to the prevention and countering of violent extremism.