Jessica White

Dr Jessica White is a Research Fellow in the Terrorism and Conflict group at the Royal United Services Institute in London. Her expertise encompasses countering terrorism and violent extremism, as well as gender mainstreaming strategies in policy and programming. She has over a decade’s worth of experience as a researcher and security practitioner, with a prior career as an intelligence and language analyst in the United States Navy.

Jessica leads the Far-Right Extremism and Terrorism programme at RUSI and is a co-founder of the Extremism and Gaming Research Network. She also recently completed an extensive project on terrorism and the mainstream media.

Jessica publishes regularly on the importance of including a gender lens in security policy and acts as a Gender Advisor for preventing and countering violent extremism programming.

You can follow her work on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Key ICCT Publications:

Rigault Arkhis, H. White, J. Female veterans and right-wing extremism: becoming ‘one of the boys’. Perspective, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, 28 January 2022