Gijs Weijenberg

Gijs is a Security Consultant at Forth Global since August 2021. He is also currently a Board Member of YATA Netherlands. Previously, he was a member of the ICCT team, initially as an intern and later worked as a Project Manager. His work centred on Small Arms and Lights Weapons (SALW) as a source of terrorist financing as well as Foreign Fighters.

Gijs is a graduate of International Security at the Institute of Political Science of Paris (Sciences Po). After earning a BA in World Politics from Leiden University College in The Hague, he did an internship at the Dutch Embassy in Algiers, Algeria, and at a private security firm. Reflecting these earlier experiences, Gijs’ main fields of interest include military strategy, diplomacy, crisis management, and civil-military relations. Moreover, Gijs has served as a board member to the Sciences Po Cybersecurity Association, which aims to link international students of political science to policy makers and professionals in the cyber domain.


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