Dr. Bibi van Ginkel

Dr. Bibi van Ginkel, LLM, is a  Research Fellow at ICCT and a coordinator of the Security Cluster of the Clingendael Research Department of the Netherlands Institute for International Relations ‘Clingendael’, the no. 1 think tank in The Netherlands for International relations. As coordinator she is responsible for ensuring the high quality of research, the planning of the projects, and the strategic development of research agendas.  She also works as a senior research fellow at Clingendael. Van Ginkel has helped build ICCT from the start and attain its current international reputation.

Van Ginkel specialises in the nexus between international law, including human rights and humanitarian law, and security issues. She has a great knowledge with regard to the United Nations and other security organisations. Special focus in her research is on counter-terrorism issues. She has appeared several times before the Dutch Parliament, Standing Committee on Defence issues to present on topical security questions. Through her affiliation with ICCT, she works closely with several international organisations, and civil society organisations on issues related to countering violent extremism in various countries. She has published extensively on all the topics mentioned above, and has a long time experience in managing research projects for various clients. She is a frequent commentator on national and international media. She holds a PhD from the Law Faculty of Utrecht University, where she also worked as a lecturer for almost 10 years. Finally, she is a member of the Peace and Security Committee of the Dutch Advisory Council on International Affairs, a member of the Advisory Council to the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, and board member of various NGOs.

You can find her full biography here.

Key ICCT Publication:

Mehra, T., Wentworth, M., van Ginkel, B. The Expanding Use of Administrative Measures in a Counter-Terrorism Context. Part 1: In Need of Rule of Law Safeguards. Policy Brief, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, 10 November 2021