Bethan Johnson

Dr Bethan Johnson is an expert in the study of political violence, with an emphasis on right-wing terrorism and extremism. Now an Ernest May Fellow at Harvard University, she holds a PhD and MPhil in History from the University of Cambridge. Her doctoral thesis and current book project both study the role of intellectual leaders within terrorist circles, as well as the radicalisation process more broadly. Dr Johnson’s work on radicalisation methodologies and the endurance of radical right thought and organisations has been published in several journals, seen her invited to speak at international conferences and on various media platforms, and earned her the 2019 Terrorism Research Award.

Key ICCT Publications:

Johnson, B. and Feldman, M. Siege Culture After Siege: Anatomy of a Neo-Nazi Terrorist Doctrine. Research Paper, the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague, 21 July 2021.