ICCT Commentary | 23 Mar 2015
ICCT Research Fellow Dr. Veldhuis publishes ‘Captivated by Fear: An Evaluation of Terrorism Detention Policy’

ICCT Research Fellow Dr. Tinka Veldhuis published her PhD research, titled “Captivated by Fear: An Evaluation of Terrorism Detention Policy”. According to Dr. Veldhuis correctional facilities should focus on rehabilitation and reintegration of these detainees, instead of focusing on the prevention of radicalisation among prisoners.

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ICCT Commentary | 16 Mar 2012
Commentary on the NDAA 2012 and its Controversial Counter-Terrorism Provisions

On 31 December 2011, US President Obama signed the ‘National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012’ (NDAA 2012). When signing it into law, President Obama admitted he had reservations about its contents. Whilst there are numerous provisions of the NDAA 2012 that could be critically commented upon, ICCT Research Fellow Dr. Christophe Paulussen, in the latest ICCT Commentary, specifically reviews Sections 1021 and 1022 – probably the act’s most controversial counter-terrorism provisions.

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ICCT Commentary | 12 Mar 2012
Commentary on the Internet as Hiding Place of Jihadi Extremists

It is no secret that violent extremists – whether Jihadists or Neo-Nazis – make intensive use of the internet as a platform for discussion, planning, propaganda and recruitment. Hence, when countering violent extremism, governments will have to face the extremists both off- and online. In the latest ICCT Commentary, Research Fellow Dr. Bibi van Ginkel argues that using repressive measures, such as criminalisation of these online activities (e.g. blocking websites or other forms of social media), is not necessarily the most suitable solution for several reasons.

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ICCT Commentary | 2 Oct 2010
The Sting Within; Understanding the Effects of Terror

In a new ICCT Commentary, Dr. Mark Dechesne, Senior Researcher at Campus The Hague / Leiden University explores the effects of terrorist attacks. What does terrorism do to people? What happens if people are terrorised? How can we explain contemporary societal and political developments in the post 9/11 world?

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ICCT Commentary | 17 Sep 2010
9/11 Nine Years On

The fourth ICCT Commentary, entitled ‘9/11 Nine Years On’, deals with the change in atmosphere surrounding this year’s September 11 commemorations. It tries to explain the reasons for the (delayed) outburst of anti-Islamic emotions and demonstrations in various parts of the world, arguing that it is vital to counter the many misrepresentations and prevailing misperceptions that underlie the current surge in anti-Islamic sentiment.

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ICCT Commentary | 9 Aug 2010
Member of Hofstad Group Expresses Faith in Dutch Judicial System

In the third ICCT Commentary, entitled ‘Terrorists and the Rule of Law: Member of Hofstad Group Expresses Faith in Dutch Judicial System’, ICCT Research Fellow Beatrice de Graaf comments upon the recent announcement of a convicted member of the Netherlands-based jihadist Hofstad group, who stated that he from now on accepts the Dutch judicial system and is certain that he will receive a fair trial.

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ICCT Commentary | 19 Jul 2010
New UN Ombudsperson for Terrorist Listing and De-listing Procedure

In the second ICCT Commentary, entitled ‘Will the Appointment of an Ombudsperson Improve the Due Process Standards of the Heavily Criticised UN Terrorist Listing and De-listing Procedure?’, ICCT Research Fellow Bibi van Ginkel analyses whether the appointment of an ombudsperson pursuant to Security Council Resolution 1904 will in fact improve the due process standards of the UN terrorist listing and de-listing procedure.

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ICCT Commentary | 9 Jun 2010
ICCT Commentary

First ICCT Commentary by Research Fellow Edwin Bakker is published online.

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